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Joelene Dove has dedicated her life to making lives around her better, using her expertise and intuitive skills to create art, train, counsel, heal and bring wellness in  lives of her clients. Joelene uses her skills as a trainer, life coach, arts healer, emotional intelligence expert and an intuitive artist to add utmost value to lives around.

As a trainer, Joelene is known for her amazing mentoring and motivational abilities, bringing long term shifts in people's lives. She is as impactful in bringing positive change in a one to one session, as in large groups of adults.

As an artist, Joelene has been involved with songwriting, music composition, singing and producing. 

Some of the services rendered by Joelene Dove include:

  • Life Coaching ( based on Emotional Intelligence and Spiritual framework)

  • Emotional Intelligence Training

  • Voice & Presence Training

  • Artist Training

  • Commissioned Artwork

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