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Emotional Intelligence Trainer

Emotional Intelligence is the most coveted soft skill for a successful, productive, peaceful and healthy life. Being emotionally intelligent means being aware of and being able to understand emotions of self and others, being able to control and express one's emotions in a healthy way and to be able to handle interpersonal relations judiciously and with empathy. 
However, unfortunately, not many people are good at it. The good news is that one can train oneself to be emotionally intelligent, which in turn furthers the prospects of a professional growth, especially in a leadership position, helps one to find peace in relationships, assists one in handling their own and others' emotions better and take balanced decisions,and also form healthy bonds in workplace. 

Joelene Dove provides EI training on a one-to- one level as well as to corporates and institutions that want their teams to benefit from her expertise. 

Joelene is also the founder director of professional mentoring organization, 'The Mentoring Monk' (a daughter concern of  'The Stage Monk').

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