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A Life Steeped in Creating, Evolving and Guiding

A spiritual and emotional intelligence life coach, artist  (painter, singer, song writer, music composer and producer) and voice trainer; Joelene Dove is a seeker of knowledge, emotions and arts... and has constantly looked for ways to understand the wisdom of heart and soul. It has been her endeavor to reach out and share her life's discoveries and experiences with all those who need. With her intuitive abilities, her zest for life, her constant engagement with arts, like music, writing, painting, performing arts, and also with academic study of subjects like human psychology, literature and philosophy...along with a passion and expertise in mentoring and guiding, Joelene has created a niche for herself in the areas of  art as well as life coaching, guiding, mentoring and training, sometimes using various forms of arts for therapy if required.


In the past, Joelene has had successful career stints in the television and the education sectors. However, Joelene heard the call of her heart & soul  for living a more fulfilling life bring her knowledge, expertise and her innate qualities to the use of the larger society. Joelene passionately works for social causes such as children's welfare, women's safety and mentoring of males in our society to create an environment of 'respect' for fellow women.

"I should be sorry if I only entertained them. I wish to make them better."- George Frideric Handel

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