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Joelene is a professional song- writer , music composer and singer, and loves to train passionate music learners. She is an experienced vocal trainer who has trained thousands of amateurs and professionals to follow their singing dreams. 

Joelene is also a speaker voice trainer and has trained various celebrities and professionals,  from the fields of acting, politics, radio, leadership, vlogging amongst others, to enhance and optimize their speaking voices so as to make them most impactful to suit the purpose of their profession.

Joelene is also the founder of music training academy 'The Music Monk', and mentoring and voice and presence training initiative, 'The Mentoring Monk'.

Joelene last released her Hindi pop/ rock album 'Maazi' in 2019. The album still continues to be loved, and is available on all music streaming apps and sites. Check out some of her amazing songs!

Listen to all of her songs here

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