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Joelene Dove

Artist, Author, Philosopher, Motivator & Life Coach

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Joelene Dove is a philosopher, author, spiritual and emotional intelligence life coach, motivator/speaker, and multi- disciplinary performing and visual artist based out of India.

With her intuitive abilities, her zest for life, her constant engagement with arts like music, script and song writing, painting, television and digital content production, and also with academic study of subjects like human psychology, literature and philosophy...along with a passion and expertise in mentoring and guiding, Joelene has created a niche for herself in the areas of arts as well as coaching, mentoring and training, sometimes using various forms of arts for therapy if required.

Joelene Dove has been a seeker of knowledge and arts…a seeker of understanding of emotions...and has constantly looked for ways to unfurl the bigger wisdom of the Universe, and the wisdom of heart and soul. It has been her endeavor to reach out and share her life's discoveries and experiences with all those who need.

Joelene Dove is a post graduate in Philosophy and a graduate in Literature. She is also a certified Spiritual and Emotional Intelligence Life coach, and continues to educate herself in Psychology and Spirituality, for the benefit of her life coaching services to her clients. Joelene is also a Vocal graduate from Trinity College, London, and a qualified animator and film & TV editor.

This portfolio is an effort to introduce the expertise, creativity, skills, and experiences that Joelene Dove continues to share with everybody as she pursues her life journey. Discover how reaching out to her can enhance your life quality, relationships and skills.

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